Disaster-proof your business with reliable and strategic solutions.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services


Minimize your downtime

With efficient data backup solutions and a step-by-step plan in place, you can skip the chaos and get back to work fast


Keep your compliance and client’s trust intact

VTech Support makes sure you don’t lose hard-earned good reputation and money to expensive noncompliance fines


Ensure your team knows the drill

Our clear-cut business continuity plan tells each of your employees exactly what to do to minimize damage and hasten your recovery


Gain peace of mind

Work in confidence knowing your business will survive any cyber or natural disaster



We know that convoluted plans don’t work during a crisis, so our business continuity plan is always clear, concise, and practical.



Your data and system settings will be automatically backed up and easily retrievable, thanks to our secure, geo-redundant data centers.



We take a deep look at your risks, routines, and maximum tolerable downtime before devising an effective recovery plan.



With years of experience helping clients across all industries prepare against disasters, your business is in good hands.

What does it mean to disaster-proof my business?

Fires, cyberattacks, or disasters caused by human error threaten to wipe out your entire database at any time. Without a reliable disaster recovery plan in place, your operations will come to a halt, your clients will grow frustrated, and you’ll lose money.

To disaster-proof your business means to save your company from these setbacks and many more damaging consequences, like bankruptcy-inducing fines or closure of your business.


What makes a reliable business continuity plan?

A good business continuity plan is clear and effective. It should be crafted with consideration of your company’s specific nature of service, risks, and maximum tolerable downtime.

Each step of the plan should be easy to memorize and practical to follow for every member of your company.


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