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In 2019, the Fresno Council of Governments faced what they called
“a catastrophic loss of data to the agency.” Thousands of official files were stolen by hackers.

If you’re thinking cybercriminals prefer government targets and will overlook your SMB, you’re setting yourself up for potentially expensive data breaches
that have put countless companies out of business.

Don’t join the list. Partner with VTech Support and we’ll provide your Fresno business with the enterprise-grade security solutions and IT Consulting it needs. We have years of experience working with local businesses. Our support team will integrate into your existing systems with comprehensive solutions. We can provide the enterprise level tools you need for disaster recovery that are cost effective and ensure you can continue doing great work.

How can our IT consulting firm and support company
help your business?

I Need Full-Time IT Services

My team and I would be more productive if there was someone we could trust to provide reliable technology consulting services and fix our IT issues.

My IT Team Needs Help

My in-house IT team does not have the resources or expertise to take on complex IT projects.

I’m Not Happy With My IT Provider

I want to switch to a different IT provider that I can trust.

I Need Help With Cybersecurity

I need a dependable IT provider to set up, manage, and monitor my cybersecurity measures and ensure compliance for my business.

I Want To Move To The Cloud

I’ve heard about the many benefits of migrating my IT infrastructure to cloud services, I want to transition as smoothly as possible but I don’t know where to begin with cloud computing.

I Need Professional IT Consulting

I need IT consultants that will not only help me with technology solutions, but also provide insights on related business management services.

Why choose VTech Support for IT Support Fresno?

We ensure business IT is always working efficiently for our clients and that they are getting the best possible return on their IT investments by understanding both IT and the way small and medium-sized businesses work. Our entire staff holds professional certifications and/or college degrees and are committed to providing always great customer service that exceeds your expectations. Our computer support team will ensure your business continuity and resolve all your computer issues with hassle-free solutions.

Here’s what our clients have to say about the solutions we provide:

Not certain if your business will benefit from Managed IT Support?

Our technicians offer FREE consultation, where we’ll listen to your needs and provide guidance to improve your network efficiency and network installations. No strings attached.